5 Tips To Get More Opt-Ins From Your Website

Why you need to capture your site visitors info

Building an email list is one of the most effective ways to secure long-term sales for your business.

It’s a great way to capture web traffic which may not purchase on their first visit, and it’s also a great way to earn more revenue from leads that you’ve already converted. Selling to a customer who has already bought something from you is always easier and more cost-effective than converting a new lead, and that’s why boosting opt-ins should be at the top of every entrepreneur’s to do list.

In this article, we’re going to go over a few methods you can use to boost your opt-ins and grow your mailing list.

1. Make an offer that they can’t refuse

The single best way to up your opt-ins is to give your visitors an offer that they can’t refuse.

People are often very guarded about their email addresses, and you’ll need to offer something worth getting to grab them. Do your best to over-deliver, and create an offer that anyone would be stupid to turn down.

If you run a retail store, then this could be an amazing discount or even a fabulous freebie on their first order. Services could consider offering a free month trial or even some guides or materials that upsell the main product.

The bottom line is, if your offer is good, then half the work of getting leads will be done for you. If your offer is bad, then optimizing your lead capture forms won’t help you very much.

2. A/B test your lead capture forms for the best conversion rates

Make sure that you’re split testing your lead capture forms. Even small variations can inspire people to hit submit, rather than exiting your page, never to be seen again.

Use a software package that allows for A/B testing, and make sure to run several variations of each opt-in.

Experiment with different headlines, body text and button text for your offers. Keep the opt-in that performs the best and dump the rest.

3. The right offer at the right time

Have you considered where your opt-in is appearing on the page?

Many people add this to the top of the page, but you should experiment with having it further down the page as well. When a visitor first lands on your page they have little reason to trust you, they don’t know you yet.

Though they might feel a little differently down the page when they’ve realized that you do have something valuable to offer, and they may be more keen to hand over their information to you.

Even the end of an article could be an especially good place to remind visitors that if they enjoyed that piece, there’s a lot more where that came from and that you’d be happy to send additional reading their way.

4. Use a pop-up

People will tell you that they hate pop-ups, but the truth is that they work. Pop-ups almost always convert better, because they’re attention-grabbing.

You should feel free to experiment, but chances are a pop up will net you more opt-ins than a static form will.

Just make sure your pop-ups work properly across all devices or you could be missing out on tons of mobile leads and sales.

5. Make them think twice

A clever trick is using the exit button to convince your visitor to click the submit button.

Usually, businesses will put something that people would never say yes to in order to inspire them to perform the desired action. Popular options are things like “No, I want to pay more money” or “No, I don’t like saving money”.

Surprisingly, this trick can often times increase your conversions, because who doesn’t like saving money? It makes the visitor doubt their decision, if even for just a second, before automatically closing out the window, and that second could lead to more opt-ins for you.

Clay has had a passion for marketing since his early 20's, even before finishing his degree at Kansas University he was listening to podcasts, reading blogs and taking courses online. Shortly after he graduated he started his own marketing and web development company "Mass Momentum Consulting". Since then he has worked with dozens of small businesses, helping launch their websites, increase their revenue, and even redoing their entire brand. In his spare time he loves to get outdoors doing everything from snowboarding & whitewater rafting to mountain biking and hiking.

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